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UN Depository Library

This collection is the Hungarian member of a network of depository collections that covers all UN Member States. After Hungary had acceded to the UN in 1955, the Parliamentary Library became a UN depository collection in 1956. Documents (including various publications, monographs and periodicals) of the main organs of the UN and some of its specialized agencies IAEA, ILO, UNESCO and WTO are kept here in English and French. Documents of the League of Nations, the predecessor of the UN between 1920 and 1945, are stored here in French. You can find a great part of the UN publications on open shelves of the reading room of this special collection. Hungarian and foreign language monographs covering the organization are also available on open shelves.

We began transition to digitized cataloguing in 1989 and retrospective cataloguing of older works has been under way ever since. We insert hyperlinks into the catalogue records of documents that can be accessed online too. The links take you to the full text of the documents concerned.

Documents of other international organizations (for instance, IPU, OECD, Council of Europe) can also be found there.


Reference librarian: Helga Kardos
Phone: (+36-1) 441-4334
E-mail: helga.kardos@parlament.hu