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Group visits

Would you like to visit and learn more about the Library of Parliament? Would you like to walk through our reading rooms? Would you like to get information on our massive collections and advanced services? You are welcome to do so in groups. Groups of visitors may get a tour of 45 minutes on average. Our librarians will inform you about the library’s history, its holdings, special collections and services.

Would you like to stay longer? Do you have a special interest? We are pleased to be at your service. Groups of college/university students, secondary-school students, staff members of public institutions, librarians and other professional visitors may get a guided tour – in addition to the above-mentioned general introduction – covering any of the following topics in more detail:

  • Hungarian Parliamentary Collection;
  • Foreign Parliamentary Collection;
  • Depository Collection of the United Nations;
  • Depository Collection of the European Union;
  • Databases that can be accessed on our premises (demonstration and/or hands-on training);
  • Legal information and sources of law;
  • Sources of information for research on political science.

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A visit can include several programme items, ranging, for instance, from the legal databases and researching on political science issues to, for instance, an in-depth description of the special collections. At the end of the tour visitors can take out a library card.

For further information please contact

Edit Karacsné Isaszegi
phone: (+36-1) 441-4208
e-mail: latogatas@ogyk.hu