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Getting a library card

Advance registration

Advance registration is kindly required when you visit the library for the first time.

Please provide your name and your date of birth by calling (+36-1) 441-4133 or sending an e-mail to registration@ogyk.hu. Having done so, you can visit the library.

Security checks need to be undertaken. Please be prepared to walk through a metal detector arch, submit your handbags for an X-ray scan and show your ID.

* * *

Hungarian and foreign citizens above 18 years of age may get a library card.

The membership is valid for one year.

Having turned 16, secondary school students may also get a library card if that is required by their studies. A written request by the head teacher of the secondary school concerned is required and the director general of the library has the competence to decide on issuing a library membership card.

When taking out a library card, you are kindly requested to prove your identity and address and to respect the rules of library use.

To prove your identity you may use your ID card, driving licence of a new type or passport. To prove your address, you need to show your address card.

Please note that the personal data of library users are kept in the users’ database of the integrated library system. That is done pursuant to Article 57 (1) of Act XCL of 1997 on Museums, Public Libraries and General Cultural Awareness. You are kindly requested to notify the library if your name or address change.

* * *

Types of library cards

Using the library for a fee

Please consult the Fee schedule for the fee payable for library use. The schedule is issued annually.

The following types of library cards can be taken out for a fee:

1. Regular library card (for non-retired adults)

2. Library card for researchers (for scholars, professionals holding an academic rank, staff members of academic and research institutes, PhD students)

You need to show a written statement from a higher education institution or research institute to prove your eligibility.

3. Students’ library card

We are legally allowed to charge college and university students half the regular fee. You are kindly requested to show your student ID card when taking out a library card.

4. Reduced-price library card for pensioners (for pensioners under 70 years of age)

You are kindly requested to show your retirement ID card (or a document proving disability or old age) to prove eligibility.

5. Daily-fee library card (for all categories of users)

Using the library free of charge

The basic services of the library are available free of charge for anyone who takes out an annual registration card. A registration card entitles you to use the reading room, the catalogues, the reference library, the depository collection and a limited range of computer services.

The circle of people entitled to library use free of charge is defined by law.

You can get a library card free of charge if you are

  • a teacher,
  • a staff member at a library, museum or an archive,
  • a pensioner above 70 years of age,
  • a person with a disability,
  • a member of the Bundestag 90 Club,
  • a member of cross-border Hungarian communities.

When arranging free registration, you are kindly requested to show:

  • your teacher’s ID card or
  • in the case of staff members of public collections, proof that you work there, or
  • a document proving that you live with some kind of disability,
  • the Certificate of Hungarian Nationality or the Certificate for Dependants of Persons of Hungarian Nationality.

If you meet any of the above criteria, you can access all our services.