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Electronic resources

Remote access to e-resources Távoli eléréssel használható

Fee-paying public patrons may use our subscription databases via remote access. You can learn more about eduID authentication here (in Hungarian).

E-resources available on the territory of the library

MPs and their staff may access the databases listed below via the computers located in the office buildings of the Office of the National Assembly.

Our fee-paying public patrons – including researchers and university students – are also free to use these databases on the territory of the library. (Excluding Complex Jogtár, which may also be used with a free registration card).

English language databases

EBSCO databases (EISZ*) Távoli eléréssel használható

A collection of periodicals from various disciplines. Thousands of mostly social sciences periodicals, dailies and weeklies from North America and Europe. (In most cases the full text of the articles.) Articles in German, French and Hungarian are regularly being added.

  • Academic Search Complete
    EBSCO's comprehensive full-text multidisciplinary database encompassing more than 8500 full-text journals (including 7500 peer-reviewed titles). In addition to the full-text content, you may find indexes and abstracts to more than 12,500 monographs, reports, conference papers and expert materials.
  • eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
  • European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750
  • GreenFILE
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts

HeinOnline Távoli eléréssel használható

A retrospective, full-text database of law journals.

This database includes over seventy million pages of legal history and over 1500 law-related periodicals in English. It carries the full text of US congressional reports, the documents of famous lawsuits as from the early 18th century, legal literature from Aristotle to the 20th century, documents of the United Nations, all the international agreements that the USA has signed, the documents of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as from 1938.

JSTOR (EISZ*) Távoli eléréssel használható

Retrospective, full-text archive of journal articles. Over 1000 leading academic periodicals in the arts and social sciences. JSTOR provides access to several multidisciplinary collections, and the ones subscribed by the library includes 360 journal titles in the fields of law, history, political science, sociology and statistics.

Oxford Journals – Law Collections (EISZ*) Távoli eléréssel használható

The Law Collection of Oxford University Press Journals online containing 56 internationally highly esteemed full-text legal periodicals with earliest volumes from 1996. The articles of the collection covering all branches of law are freely available for download to our registered patrons but the number of Open Access titles are continuously increasing.

World Biographical Information System (WBIS) Online (EISZ*)

A unified collection of 30 national biographies containing biographical data of more than 6 million individuals. The short biographies cover personalities from the 8th century B.C. up until present day. The database provides access to cca. 8.5 million digital articles from biographical handbooks. The search engine offers browsing in 6 different languages.

Databases in Hungarian

Akadémiai Szótárcsomag (Academic Dictionaries) (EISZ*) Távoli eléréssel használható

Unabridged bilingual dictionaries in six languages as published by the Hungarian publishing company, Akadémiai Kiadó; monolingual dictionaries, encyclopedias and a dictionary of the terms used by institutions of the European Union are also included.

Osiris Kiadó digitális gyűjteménye (EISZ*) Távoli eléréssel használható

During the last few years the Osiris Publishing Company has secured its place among the most influential and highest quality academic and literary publishers in Hungary. In this digital collection, researchers may find cca. 1750 volumes of Osiris publications.

The collection is also available via the Szaktárs database portal.

L’Harmattan Digitális Adatbázis (EISZ*) Távoli eléréssel használható

In the publisher's digital collection you may access 1500 full-text books, cca. 10,000 chapters and 390,000 digitized pages in the fields of social sciences and humanities equipped with full-text search.

The collection is also available via the Szaktárs database portal.

Akadémiai Digitális Archívum Távoli eléréssel használható

This archive collection includes academic volumes published between 1950 and 1996 (and sporadically after 1996) by Akadémiai Kiadó, the No.1. scientific and academic publisher in Hungary during that period. The aim of the archive encompassing 8,000 books and 2,5 million pages covering half a century is making this uniquely rich academic knowledge publicly available for research.

The collection is also available via the Szaktárs database portal.

Arcanum Digital Knowledge Base Távoli eléréssel használható

A continously growing full-text digital collection that can be searched by authors and titles of articles in periodicals and entries in encyclopedias and yearbooks. Results can be refined by date and subject areas. Currently, more than 20 million pages are available in the database.

Új Jogtár (A collection of statutes)

A cutting edge online platform for the oldest and most complete collection of statutes in force in Hungary that also ensures access to court decisions, commentaries, sample documents and a wide range of law-related professional databases, e-documents and other legal content. The platform provides access to its content to 5 concurrent users on library workstations or individual mobile devices alike.

National Audio-visual Archive of Hungary (NAVA)

NAVA serves as a single central archive to collect, preserve and – for research purposes – provide access to the programmes of all the major national television and radio stations in Hungary. As required by law, NAVA maintains the depository archives of Hungarian or Hungary-related programmes broadcast by public TV stations and the major commercial TV channels. Apart from legal deposits, NAVA also provides access to other audiovisual products including cca. 100 Hungarian fiction films.

* Electronic Information Service (EISZ):The Electronic Information Service provides access to (mainly non-Hungarian) online databases as sponsored by the EISZ base programme, TÁMOP: Hungary’s Social Renewal Operational Programme, and from contributions by member organizations of EISZ.